Eloquent: Query Builder Compare Two Date Columns

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Now, here in this article, I am going to cover about comparing two different timestamp columns to filter out records from the database.

Recently I was working on filtering some API activity log to push them on notification interface, and the database design was with columns consisted of timestamp datatype as synced_at, optimized_at.

I wanted to filter the activity log based on values in two dates columns synced_at, optimized_at, my logic was to fetch database records if the timestamp in synced_at is greater optimized_at. The API process normally does a remote sync and does some database optimization task for making frontend stuff load faster with a database view.

I want to give you two different ways of comparing the columns.

Activity::where('synced_at', '>', DB::raw('optimized_at'))


Activity::whereRaw('unsynced_at > optimized_at')

Both of the database queries from the above code snippet give same results.


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